Kindred Senses

Vampires have senses sharper than those of mortals. A vampire can see in dim light as well as a mortal can at noon, although not with any greater distance or accuracy. The other enhanced senses conferred by the Embrace all apply to blood. (Further non-blood related senses are granted by the Merit below.)

Blood Potency See blood(tiny amounts) Smell blood Hear heartbeats
1 arms’ length room arms’ length
2 room = =
3 = building room
4 = = =
5 visual range (close) city block building
6 = = =
7 visual range (far) neighborhood city block
8 = = =
9 visual range (to horizon) district neighborhood

By tasting blood, even in minute amounts, a vampire can tell:

  • Whether the blood belongs to any individual whose blood the vampire has tasted before.
  • If the blood is mortal, Kindred, or that of another monster. The monster type can be identified if the vampire has tasted the blood of that type of monster before. (EDIT: In other words, a vampire who’s tasted the blood of two werewolves can tell that both of them have the same strange tang to their blood. He’ll also know they’re supernatural creatures. He won’t know they’re werewolves unless he’s found out that one of them is a werewolf through some other circumstance.)
  • Whether there are any abnormalities in the blood, such as drugs, diseases, or poisons. The type of adulterant can be identified if the vampire has tasted blood similarly contaminated before. At the Storyteller’s discretion, this may apply to supernatural contaminants that do not leave a physical trace.
  • Whether Kindred blood belongs to that of a clan or bloodline whose blood the vampire has tasted before.
  • The number of steps of blood sympathy between the vampire and the vampire whose blood she is tasting.

When observing a mortal at close range, a vampire is aware of every movement of his blood within his body, and can smell the delicious scent of any open wounds, no matter how small.

Merit: Enhanced Senses – Típic mèrit Mekhet, pero accessible a tothom.
Prerequisite: Blood Potency 1

Building on her innate Kindred Senses, the vampire can see, smell, and hear at twice the distance and with twice the accuracy of a healthy mortal. The vampire’s senses of taste and touch are also twice as sensitive as those of the same hypothetical mortal.

The vampire can perfectly identify any sensory stimulus he or she has experienced before; for example, the smell of an exotic perfume, the texture of a rare fabric, or the sound of an individual’s scream.

(This applies only to identifying the stimulus when it is experienced again, not to recalling it at any time, which would require a Merit like Eidetic Memory. This also doesn’t mean she perfectly recalls all memories associated with the stimulus… a vampire smelling the cologne used by a former vessel would be able to identify where he remembered it from, but would only recall that person and their encounters as well as an average mortal would.)

The vampire may see with no light available.

The vampire may choose to temporarily reduce any or all of these senses to normal mortal ranges as a reflexive action, so as to avoid unpleasant sensation or distraction.

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